«Your idea» – Synnøve

WCAG 2.0

The Objective

Synnøve's objective was to develop a web application that allowed users to input their product wishes, view and vote on each other's desires, all while providing administrators an efficient way to oversee contributions.

Our Approach

Our approach involved creating a streamlined React application linked to a database. We implemented a user-friendly form for idea submission, integrated a voting system, and incorporated sorting options for suggestions based on date or popularity.

User Interaction and Persistence

Users' individual preferences were stored both in the database and locally on their devices. This ensured that their selections remained intact across visits. Additionally, if a user opted to upload a profile picture for their proposal, the image would persistently accompany them. The system intelligently selected the image for subsequent proposals, assuming the browser history hadn't been cleared.

Simplified Moderation

We designed a login mechanism along with an administrator interface mirroring the frontend. Administrators possessed the capability to hide, delete, or approve contributions. To facilitate moderation, contributions were auto-filtered, highlighting potentially offensive content for manual review. The website also integrated an invisible CAPTCHA to deter spambots.


At Aarstein Media, our emphasis extends beyond aesthetics and usability. We prioritize universal accessibility regardless of circumstances. Adherence to the WCAG 2.0 standards for universal design ensures that all elements, such as forms, buttons, navigation, and contrast, cater to a diverse user base.

Visual Elements

Our design aligns with Synnøve's graphic profile, characterized by simplicity, readability, and a touch of playfulness. To accentuate interactivity, we employed Lottie for an engaging introduction animation and a dynamic animated light bulb element on the page.