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A large part of our business is development – and we depend on open code libraries created by forward-thinking companies and enthusiasts worldwide.

Here are some of our contributions, which we are happy to share:

dotLottie Player

A Web Component for playing vectorized Lottie animations – just like the animated intro to this website. Initially this was a fork of @dotlottie/player-component. We have added functionality for canvas rendering, aspect ratio, improved Typescript configuration and more efficient compression.


AM LottiePlayer for WordPress

Based on our dotLottie Web Component, we've developed a WordPress plugin. This has support for Gutenberg, Elementor and Divi – and it's accessible via a shortcode.


AM LottiePlayer PRO for WordPress

For those who need a little more, we've developed a premium plugin – with a GUI for converting and combining animations, and extended interactivity.

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