Trolltunga Shuttle

WCAG 2.0

The Objective

Trolltunga Shuttle, a bus company, required a website to showcase its services to tourists. They aimed to provide route information and a link to their existing booking solution. Multilingual functionality was a requirement, along with the ability to facilitate effortless content edits.

Our Approach

In terms of design, we enjoyed considerable creative freedom. Our emphasis lay in highlighting the trip's objective, optimizing its effectiveness. Subsequently, our focus shifted to ensuring clarity and transparency. Vital information such as ticket purchasing locations, departure schedules, and departure points needed to be readily accessible to visitors.

Customized Backend

We opted for JPress, a self-developed PHP-based CMS, for constructing the site. This choice enabled us to personalize the administrator's user journey. Unlike conventional CMS platforms, where content creation occurs in a distinct interface from the website's appearance, JPress empowers visual editing for a seamless experience.


At Aarstein Media, our commitment extends beyond aesthetics and user-friendliness. We prioritize the universal accessibility of online content under all circumstances. Adhering to the WCAG 2.0 standards for universal design, every element, including forms, buttons, navigation, and contrast, ensures a universally accommodating web experience.

Visual Elements

The color palette is an ode to the picturesque view from Trolltunga. Employing fresh, timeless, and understated shades, the design exudes a sense of elegance. The chosen font, Futura, epitomizes readability and sophistication, aligning seamlessly with the website's aesthetics.